Business Call Recording

Business call recording services for healthcare, government, insurance, legal, financial, retail & other organizations

Call Recording for Business

Business call recording software is essential to managing and optimizing customer and employee experiences, and it’s critical for organizations that must comply with federal and industry regulations. 

Whether you have a small business with simple business call recording requirements or a large, formal contact center that requires sophisticated interaction recording and quality management tools, our technology advisors can help you find the best business call recorder to meet your:

  • Organizational goals

  • Compliance requirements

  • Retention policies

Speak with a Cady technology advisor to learn more about business call recording solutions, whether you’re implementing a new phone system or need a standalone recorder that works with your existing on-premise or cloud system.

Business Call Recording Benefits

Cady Business Technologies serves businesses of all sizes across all industries. As your technology expert, we understand the benefits of choosing the right recording solution.

Improve Quality & Customer Experience

  • Monitor how customers respond to phrases and tones to improve outcomes

  • Review previous recordings to personalize the customer experience

  • Agents maintain professionalism when they know they're being recorded

  • View & analyze reports on your dashboard

Increase Sales & Retention

  • Evaluate sales potential, script adherence & agent productivity

  • Monitor calls for quality control & find opportunities to improve sales scripts

  • Analyze buyer personas to help marketing teams cater to different types of customers

  • Recordings make excellent training tools

Enhance Accuracy & Efficiency

  • Reduce call volume & increase productivity 

  • Focus on the call, then reference recordings later for accurate notes and transcriptions

  • Recordings clarify understanding - never miss an important detail

  • Resolve conflicts with indisputable audio evidence

Legal Compliance & Safety

  • Record required calls and pause recording on demand to comply with CMS Medicare, HIPAA, PCI and other rules

  • Satisfy regulations with secure, long-term cloud storage

  • Automatically present customers with required disclosures

  • Manage risk & automatically detect fraud & compliance violations

Business Call Recorder Features

Your technology advisor will help you identify a call recording solution with the right features for your business needs. Available features include:

  • 30+ rolling days of recording retention

  • Indefinite data retention packages with long-term secure storage options (10+ years)

  • Cloud hosted & on-premise recording

  • Automatic, rule-based or on-demand recording

  • Automated call recording disclosures

  • Record from any VoIP phone, mobile phone or softphone

  • Contact center & CRM integration

  • Built-in redundancy

  • High availability

  • Gamify agent performance

  • Premium recording and playback quality

  • Password-protected access control

  • Remotely access recordings from any device: VoIP phones, mobile phones, softphones & browsers

  • In-depth call reporting

  • Automated scheduled reports

  • Export & share reports

  • Performance analytics

  • Extension-to-extension recording

  • Stereo recording to differentiate agents & customers

  • Fraud detection & threat alerts

  • Automatic transcription

  • Emotion detection

  • Speech analytics

  • Detailed call logs & automatic categorization

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Extensive search capabilities for archived recordings

  • Score carding

  • Screen recording

  • Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, TSR, TILA, FDCPA, MIPPA, Medicaid CMS & more

  • Easy setup with local, on-site technicians

  • White glove service & rapid support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs business call recording? 

Every business and organization can benefit from using call recording software to better understand their customers and continually improve sales and customer service. Some are required to record phone calls for legal compliance. For example, insurance companies that sell Medicare supplemental insurance must record all phone calls with beneficiaries during enrollment and securely store those recordings for ten years.

Do I need a new phone system to integrate call recording for my business?

No. Your technology advisor will work with you to identify the best business call recorder for your needs. If you’re exploring a new on-premise or cloud hosted phone system, we’ll show you which options feature built-in call recording. You can also keep your existing on-premise or cloud phone system. Our platform integrations include Mitel, Ring Central, Zoom, 8X8, MS Teams, Cisco and many more.

Will my business call recorder integrate with my CRM?

Some solutions integrate with popular CRMs, including industry software for dealerships, law, accounting and hospitality property management. Speak with your Cady technology advisor to learn more.

How does business call recording software make me more compliant? 

Business call recording software automates inbound and outbound recording. Depending on your solution, you can record every call, automatically record calls according to pre-defined rules, or start and pause recordings on demand. Some solutions present callers with required disclosures and securely store recordings. 

These features make it easy to comply with regulations that require recording, such as CMS Medicare rules, as well as regulations that prohibit recording. For example, agents can pause recording to comply with HIPAA laws when patients share Protected Health Information (PHI). Retailers can pause recording for PCI compliance when customers give credit card numbers over the phone.


Pricing depends on various factors, including your required features, type of phone system and number of users. Your technology advisor will help you choose a solution that meets your requirements at the best price.

Who can access recordings?

Some options allow admins to set access levels and grant password-protected permissions to designated users. Depending on your solution, you can access recordings from your dashboard or remotely via a desktop, laptop or mobile device browser.

Is call recording legal in the U.S.? What are the call recording laws by state?

Call recording is legal in the United States, though you need to disclose that you're recording calls in many jurisdictions. Some call recorder solutions automate disclosures. Consult your attorney to learn more about call recording laws in your state.

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