• A cloud phone system is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service where your server is hosted and maintained off-site, eliminating the need to pay for on-site infrastructure and the staff to support it. Cloud phone systems also simplify support for remote and traveling employees. Compared to on-premise phone systems, cloud-hosted solutions feature low upfront costs and predictable, user-based monthly billing. 了解更多 about moving your phone system to the cloud.

  • An on-premise phone system provides telecom service via an on-site server and a separate circuit carrier. You own all the equipment with on-premise phone systems, so you have total control over your phone network and security. On-premise phone systems require on-site servers and, usually, a dedicated network administrator on staff. Compared to cloud phone systems, on-premise systems tend to cost more upfront but less over time. 了解更多 about on-premise phone systems.

  • A nurse call system facilitates rapid response to patient needs via audible and visual signaling. They’re deployed in assisted living facilities, emergency rooms, hospitals and other healthcare environments. Nurse call stations help patients feel safe and not forgotten, and typically feature a combination of pillow speakers/patient remotes, call cords, patient hubs, code station buttons, nurse station consoles and corridor dome lights. 了解更多 about nurse call stations.

  • Many factors influence the decision to move to the cloud. 在一般情况下, you should consider switching to a cloud phone system if you need to replace or upgrade your on-site server or if you no longer want the overhead and maintenance of on-site telecom equipment. In addition, a cloud phone system might be the best option if you need to support at-home, traveling or hybrid employees. 了解更多 about moving your phone system to the cloud.

  • In many cases, yes. The Mitel cloud works with Mitel phones, so you might be able to reuse your existing handsets and other infrastructure when you switch to the cloud. 了解更多 about migrating to a Mitel cloud solution.

  • Cloud phone systems require a reliable, stable Internet connection. You’ll need Cat 5 cabling to every station (handset or computer with a softphone) OR wireless service with ample bandwidth. In addition, your Internet connection should feature low latency (150ms or less). Work with your phone service provider and ISP to ensure you have enough bandwidth to support a cloud phone system. 了解更多 about Quality of Service (QoS) for VoIP phone systems.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all telecom option, so the best small business phone system depends on your unique needs. Switching to VoIP can enable new capabilities and save money for many small businesses. Cloud phone systems are attractive for companies that prefer minimal maintenance, low upfront costs and predictable monthly installments. On-premise systems are attractive for those who need more control over their phone systems. Consult a trusted telecommunications advisor who can help you identify the best phone system for your small business. Contact us to see how Cady can help.

  • Uptime, reliability and pricing. Zoom has an uptime guarantee of 99.999% (five 9’s) while Teams guarantees uptime 99.9% (three 9’s) of the time. The difference might seem minuscule but amounts to two weeks of annual downtime for Teams users.

    Teams initially appears to be less expensive than Zoom, but you must purchase a phone license (or E5) and calling plan for each user, and those costs add up. In comparison, Zoom provides all-inclusive service with a single phone user license.

    Other differentiators include ease of use and phone system features. Zoom has a built-in contact center system, for example, but Teams is lagging in this area. Contact us to learn more about the differences between MS Teams and Zoom so you can make the best decision for your telecommunications needs.

  • Yes, Zoom has cloud-based business phone systems designed to give small and medium-sized businesses advanced voice, video and chat features at affordable prices. Cady proudly partners with Zoom to bring our customers an industry-leading solution for video communications. Contact Us to learn more about how you can take advantage of a Zoom business phone system.

  • MS Teams comes bundled with Office 365, but the base version doesn’t include a phone system. If you want to activate pure Teams calling and use it as a standalone solution, you’ll need two licenses per user: a phone system license and a calling plan license. MS Teams offers benefits such as unified communications, auto attendant and call queues, but it can’t handle complex routing, and Microsoft only offers support if you have 200+ stations.

    Other MS Teams deployment options include a hybrid environment (use both existing phone services and Teams for voice), direct connection (use your existing phone service for voice but routed through MS Teams) and third-party applications (a separate tab in Teams for calling via a third-party vendor). Learn how to make the most of MS Teams for client comms.

  • Yes, we can! Whether you have a legacy phone system or want to upgrade, we can help. Cady makes it easy to escape ancient phone systems by brands such as Toshiba and Nortel and modernize your telecommunications with an on-premise or cloud-hosted solution powered by Mitel or Zoom. With more than 200 years of combined telecommunications experience, Cady provides the highest level of customer support in the industry and will work with you to upgrade your system to meet your current and future needs. 了解更多 about how The Cady Way.

  • When you call, Cady answers. Our average answer time is 8 seconds, and a technician or project manager answers all business hour calls. All after-hours calls are answered by a live representative and assigned to on-call technicians who can provide both on-site and remote assistance.

    You can also expect 24/7 emergency support for down systems: our Platinum support customers have a guaranteed response time of 30 minutes remotely or 2 hours on-site. Our Gold support customers have a guaranteed response time of 2 hours remotely. Both promises are backed by monetary guarantees. Discover Cady’s white glove service and learn more about our support.

  • Cady offers a collaborative team environment focused on building careers, not simply doing jobs. We want you to love what you do, feel respected and trusted, and be rewarded for your knowledge and experience. Our culture is built around shared core values such as hard work, critical thinking, teamwork and having fun. In addition to competitive pay and benefits, Cady offers the opportunity to participate in outreach programs to improve your community. 了解更多 about Cady telecom careers and view current openings.

  • Absolutely! The Cady Way is a proven process where we work with you to discover, install and support the best telecom solution for your business. As part of that, you can expect white glove service every step of the way, including voice optimization, system configuration and routing. We can help you transition to the cloud with a minimally disruptive cutover to ensure a smooth transition for your business. 了解更多 about moving your phone system to the cloud.

  • Our customers overwhelmingly choose Cady Cloud, our specialized solution designed to deliver world-class phone service to small and medium-sized businesses at a budget-friendly price. Cady Cloud offers four different license levels to give you the flexibility you want in features and pricing. 了解更多

  • Cady Cloud is a cloud-based business phone system that provides many of the same benefits as on-premise phone systems, but bundled into a monthly subscription service with minimal upfront investment. With Cady Cloud, you get secure off-site data storage, unified communications, web conferencing, VoIP phones, remote access, a mobile app and more than 50 software integrations. 了解更多 about Cady Cloud.