Flexible, Scalable, Secure Communications for the Hospitality Industry

At Cady Business Technologies we offer specialized hospitality business phone solutions designed to help optimize and meet the needs of the hospitality industry, from small economy hotels through to large hotels and resorts.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

In partnership with Mitel, we are proud to offer a feature-rich hospitality solution that has been continuously developed in line with industry requirements to ensure guests have a pleasant, hassle free stay.

When managing the guest experience it’s the little things that matter such as:

  • Greeting guests by name.

  • Ensuring failed wake up calls are escalated.

  • Managing guest privacy – being able to identify VIP guests before answering a call.

  • Customizing phones for the hotel and even the guest room.

Enabling Staff Efficiency and Improving Team Effectiveness

Cady Business Technologies helps hotels enable staff to work effectively on property and off by leveraging technology such as:

  • Cordless Front Desk Phone or Headset: Staff can move between tasks more efficiently using cordless handsets or headsets.

  • Wireless Telephones: Staff can remain connected on property with wireless telephones. Text messaging can be used to manage alerts including pre fire alarms, door alarms and VIP arrival.

  • Dynamic Extension: Staff can be contacted on one number regardless of location on property or off by simply “twinning” a property phone number with a mobile phone. Perfect for hotel managers, area managers, and offsite event staff.

Book More Rooms, Meetings and Conferences


By leveraging an advanced communications system that includes robust features such as Auto Attendant, Automatic Call Distribution, Voicemail and more, you can be sure to never miss a call for guest or group reservations.

Additionally, by offering flexible, advanced communication services you’ll be able to attract businesses to conduct onsite meetings and conferences at your property.

By making communications a priority in your hotel, you can ensure the needs of your guests and staff will always be met. Contact us to discuss upgrade and migration options today.


Hospitality Solutions 

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