Cady Business Technologies helps businesses find the right network solutions for their telecommunications systems. We work with multiple vendors and take an unbiased look at each solution to help you come up with the right solution for your telecommunications needs.

Network solutions that fit your telecommunication needs and budget

Every business is unique and has different requirements for its phone systems and network solutions. Our network solutions for telecommunication increase your system capacity, optimize fiber, expand coverage for cellular service, increase remote management capabilities, and more. At Cady Business Technologies, we carefully assess all available network solutions and, based on your operational needs and budget, find the best option for your business or organization.

Business Internet Access

Internet is the connectivity lifeblood of today’s business, especially when you are using delay-sensitive services like voice and video. Cady Business Technologies partners with all major carriers and can offer you a solution tailored to your business requirements.

Dial Tone

Whether it’s SIP, PRI, POTS, or any of the other acronyms for connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network, Cady provides services through our broad network of provider relationships.

Our Cady Cloud solution is powered through SIP connections to diverse carriers. We leverage these strategic partnerships to provide direct SIP and PRI to on-premise phone systems.


Enhanced 911 Location Services

Recent FCC regulations stipulate the location delivered to 911 operators must contain information regarding the callers address and specific location within the building such as floor, room, suite or area.

Cady’s Enhanced 911 Location service uses Cady Cloud SIP solutions to assign a unique identifier to every extension, providing specific address information to be associated with each device.

(Software Defined Wide Area Network)

SD-WAN allows companies to build higher-performance WANs using lower-cost and commercially available Internet access, enabling businesses to partially or wholly replace more expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS.

Cady Business Technologies provides SD-WAN services through our network of strategic partners, providing both hardware and connectivity options to meet your unique business needs.

Switches and Routers

Switching infrastructure is the backbone of a successful network. For delay-sensitive services such as voice and video, having a healthy, properly designed and configured network is critical.

Cady Business Technologies provides design, sourcing, and configuration assistance for your current network infrastructure and new system installations.

WLAN & Access Points (Wi-Fi)

Cady provides Wi-Fi design, consulting, sourcing, and implementation of new Wireless Local Area Networks. We support multiple manufacturers and create solutions to meet your business needs.


Our Cady Cloud Hosted Phone System contains an embedded fax server, allowing you to receive faxes through email and send faxes directly from a document or desktop tool.

We also provide stand-alone Fax-To-Email services, as well as a Fax-to-Fax service, which allows you to continue using your traditional fax machine without the need for an expensive analog line.

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